Dec 182012

Cheeky monkey! Just in time for Christmas, the story of a sad simian: a primate without a playmate . . .

Let me introduce you to Jocko the chimpanzee; he’s made by the granddaddy of fine plush toys, Steiff of Germany, creators of the very first teddy bear. Jocko was first introduced over a hundred years ago in 1909, and he’s been a popular favorite with children (and some adults) ever since. And it’s no surprise! He’s eminently adorable with his sparkling glass eyes and finely-detailed felt features that give him such unique character and charm!

This chimp certainly has a cheeky grin, but it’s a wee bit melancholy, too; that’s because he’s not had anyone to play with for a very long time, indeed. The trademark Steiff button in his ear tells us that his first birthday was in the early 1950s; however he’s as bright and shiny as the day he was born; his genuine mohair fur still lustrous, soft and curly. Yet, sadly, it seems that he’s been sitting on a shelf all his life, just waiting for someone to play with . . .

But we’re both hoping for a happy ending to this “lonely hearts” story! I know that Jocko’s ready for a new playmate to have all kinds of adventures, to give and receive affection, and to share in a lifetime of fun and friendship! (After all, isn’t that what that’s what we all desire?)

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Nov 202012

And now for a figure of a completely different sort… Up from the fathomless depths comes a deep sea diver brandishing his dagger: a wonderful representation of pure adventure from a time when men were men and fish were kept in aquariums! I’ll bet you can almost see the stream of bubbles that once emerged from the top of this little lead sculpture… Surprisingly, perhaps amazingly, old fish tank decorations like this one are now quite collectible. Little boys, once raised on Disney’s version of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, are now grown, yet in in their heart of hearts they still nurture aspirations of aquatic adventure: the long scraping sound of the brass helmet being screwed shut, the endless echo of hollow, tin-can breathing alternating with the squelchy gurgling of bubbles rushing up toward the sunlight, and all the senses always alert for sharks…and that ultimate menacing mystery of the deep: the giant squid!

Every man has an affinity for the timeless theme of Man vs. Nature, and this simple but saturnine figurine represents exactly that: the very struggle for survival. No fish tank  is complete without one!

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Oct 292012

I love the mysterious, the curious, and the strange, and these are perfect examples: exquisitely detailed stamped copper and brass charms in the shape of various animals and icons. Almost certainly Victorian, these characters and critters are like something out of a James Fenimore Cooper novel or a poem by Longfellow. Each measures just a few centimeters in length; however, the detail is absolutely magnificent. The original purpose now lost, these adorable little charms continue to beguile . . .


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Aug 252012

Here’s a colorful mixed lot of boys and girls paper dolls: a wonderful selection of vintage fashions from the 1940-1960, although some are even older—a couple of the dresses look positively Edwardian! There are some familiar characters: Dagwood and family, and Little Lulu; and there are many larger pressboard Wedding Party figures with numerous of matching outfits, too. Is that the  Lone Ranger? And Dennis the Menace and Archie, too. There are also some excellent dolls of adorable little girls called “Peggy” and “Sugar” and more! As you can see from the photo, some are in excellent condition; others have not faired as well over the years. A wonderfully large assortment of well over 100 pieces!

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Jun 172012

Here’s a very rare item, indeed: An entirely vintage, yet perfectly brand-new, “Apache Warrior on Horse” model (1958) from the “Famous Fighters” series made by AURORA PLASTICS CORP., West Hampstead, L. I., N. Y. KIT No. 401. This item takes me back to the vintage childhood I never had, but always wanted! New in the original box, all plastic pieces present and accounted for, this kit also comes with the original instructions and decal-stickers! All pieces are in mint condition, and the box is in fairly good condition, too!

This model is the real deal, a genuine piece of American toy-manufacturing history!

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