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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away . . .  brave men landed on our Earth’s moon, and lived to tell the tale. And ever since then, anything associated with the ‘Space Race’ has been incredibly collectible. Autographs are, of course, the most widely available kind of memorabilia. Much more rare and far more interesting are the various physical artifacts generated by the missions. At the top of this spectrum are the actual moon-rocks  gathered from the lunar surface, and now exist in aerospace museums, government holdings, and a few private collections; next in desirability: equipment, tools, and gear that very occasionally come to market; however, these objects are understandably few and far between. In the middle-spectrum is the various media and ephemera created by NASA that constitutes, in my opinion, the most interesting and accessible market to collectors of space exploration history.

And here is one such compelling example: an original super-16mm film documenting highlights of Apollo missions 12 and 13. The original packaging states that this item originates from the official recording studios of the United States House of Representatives, and documents the ‘Open & Close’ of those voyages (presumably: lift-off and splash-down).

It would be absolutely fantastic to see and hear what’s on this tape; however, as time passes, this item becomes more important as a physical object than as a document. Like an ancient clay tablet spidered with cuneiform characters, this is a compelling marker to and evocative evidence of a certain point in time; though once designed to deliver specific data, it is now valuable not just for the information it once conveyed, but as an artifact that connects us to distant historic events.

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Oct 312012

Trick or treat? That’s the question this incredibly unique and unusual item demands… Yet, as bizarre as this object is, we will all instantly recognize it: the cast print of Bigfoot. Yes: Bigfoot. Sasquatch.  The Yeti. The Missing Link… Humankind has many names for this mysterious creature, and the legends are as vast as they are ancient. We’ve all met someone who knows somebody who heard a story about . . .

When I was a kid, my archeologist father had a cast similar to this one hanging on the wall of his den—where he got it, or what’s happened to it since is another mystery—but I can still recall how, as a kid, I would stare at it in wide-eyed wonder. Of course, my dad told me all the stories, the apocryphal arcana of the amazing man-animal; and years later, on the 1970s TV show In Search Of (hosted by the laconic actor Leonard Nimoy, whose former role playing Spock on Star Trek somehow made him the perfect host), I saw the famous film footage of the dark ape-like beast lumbering across a dry riverbed, glancing accusingly over his shoulder at humanity as if daring us not to believe. And I wanted to believe—and I still do. So, the moment I saw this, I knew I had have it!

Of course, it’s a fake. A complete and utter hoax. Elegantly executed, to be sure but a bold and brazen sham all the same. It has to be, doesn’t it? And yet the assembled clues are completely beguiling: an old leather-strap valise stuffed with old newspapers from the 60′s, and then there’s the cast itself—an enormous chunky, chalky hunk of plaster encrusted with a rich mixture of dirt and twigs…

It’s almost enough evidence to make you believe! Boo!

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