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Straight from the world’s most exclusive catwalks comes this fabulous vintage example of true Parisian bijoux d’art by ACCÈS-OCEAN! This is where modern art and jewelry meet: a stunning pair of sterling silver discs that dangle-drop to geometric resin blocks embedded with flashing opalescent foil.

In the late 1960s, French designer Caroline Anderson studied at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris; afterwards she went to New York, soon becoming involved with The Factory, Andy Warhol’s legendary creative cauldron. She launched ACCÈS-OCEAN in 1975. Working with wood, metal, resin, polyurethane, and plexiglass, her jewelry creations are more modern sculpture than jewelry. Christian Dior, Helmut Lang, Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lancôme and Guerlain all featured her work in their fashion publicity; ACCÈS-OCEAN was also represented in various galleries in Paris, San Francisco, and New York.

Remarkably fresh and fun after all these years, these future-retro earrings are still way ahead of their time!


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Apr 132014

In the late 13th century, the city of Venice, fearing the outbreak of fire, declared a nearby island as the official sector for its glassblowers; and ever since, the greatest glassworks of Italy have taken that island’s name: Murano.

When you think of Italian art glass, you almost certainly hold in your mind the fine and filigreed forms first produced on this fabled isle: swirling multicolored vases, scintillating chandeliers, the famed “thousand flowers” bouquets of millefiori paperweights… Less well known, but much more accessible―and collectible―is beautiful Venetian beadwork. Using a small table-torch, a technique known as lampwork transforms glass into stunning and sparkling jewels.

First developed amidst the creative bloom of the Renaissance, fiorato (flower) or “wedding cake” beads (as they are known to collectors) are the ultimate example of this art-form . Each bead is exquisitely and delicately handmade; as many as six layers of molten glass are twirled and fused together to combine opaque, iridescent, and metallic materials in an effect that’s entirely reminiscent of cake-icing decoration―and every bit as tasty! 

Dating from the 1920s, this necklace and earrings set combines the ancient glassmaking technique of fiorato with Art Deco accents to create a timeless confection that’s both elegant and bold!

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Jan 032014

In the incomparable classic black and white romantic comedy “Roman Holiday”, there are actually three incredible stars: Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, and Hubert de Givenchy. Women still swoon for Gregory; and of course, Audrey’s beauty is legendary, but it was Givenchy that presented her to perfection! His costume designs for this film and many others starring Miss Hepburn continue to dazzle and delight in true, timeless fashion.

Audrey and Hubert were close friends for most of their lives, and in 1957, Givenchy asked his master perfumer to create the now-famous fragrance, L’Interdit especially for her. The name means “The Forbidden”; and, like Audrey herself, it is both delicate and complex, as well as demure and devastatingly sexy. Miss Hepburn wore L’Interdit exclusively as her very own private perfume; and then, in the early 1960s, Givenchy made it available to the world… Citrus, peach and strawberry swirl with rose, jasmine and violets to sway above sandalwood, amber and vetiver: a fragrance worthy of a silver screen goddess—or any woman who seeks to beguile her leading man!

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Jan 192013

There are two items that define and complete a gentleman’s attire: a fashionable hat and a dashing cane. Once upon a time a man would never leave home without them; nowadays they are, unfortunately, considered more costume pieces than daily necessities, and our sartorial world is much diminished by their absence.

But there is a small segment of society, a growing population of youthful hipsters—neo-gents—often tweed-clad and mustachioed, who are bringing new appreciation to such traditions. For them, this handsome item is just the ticket: an antique hobo’s walking stick. This cane, expertly handcrafted from a beautiful, amber hardwood (yet left rustic and knobby) will put the shabby in your chic, and dignity in your stride; it’s the perfect accoutrement for the wandering wabi-sabi warrior, a gentleman explorer ready to face the world with a rakish tilt to his hat and a twinkle in his eye.

No true and nobel gentleman should be without one . . .

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