Jan 292013

I think every man goes through a phase when they experience an almost primal desire to own a genuine leather bomber jacket. I blame Indiana Jones; who of my generation can forget the iconic hat, whip and especially the coat of that most unusual of American heroes: the ultimate intellectual adventurer? For others, it might’ve been number of the many war movies that populated Hollywood in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s… A good friend of mine sights 12 O’Clock High with Gregory Peck as his leather lodestone.

If you, too, have a lust for leather, you can’t go wrong with this classic coat by Avirex. Inspired by the ones worn by the brave bomber pilots of World War II, this garment is rich in quality details; some of my favorites: the rugged yet utterly luxurious, dark-chocolate lambskin leather; thick, cozy elasticated cuffs to keep out the cold; handy epaulettes to tuck your hat and gloves into; and a fleet of nostalgic patches and embroidery-work lining the silky interior…

Just wearing this boosts your bravery: it lifts your sprits and brighten your skies. As they used to say in the War, “Keep ‘em flying!”


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Jan 062013

As someone who admires great sartorial style, I can never resist a well-made, iconic garment—and that’s just what we have here: the classic shearling sheepskin ranch coat. It’s identical to the one featured in the now (in)famous Marlboro Man magazine adverts; or, for my generation, as worn by Maurice Minnifield in that wonderful, quirky 1990s tv show, Northern Exposure. The look is certainly all-American, and it’s certainly all you will ever need to face the elements in those harsh but beautiful winters down home on the range! Not to be crude, but you could be buck-naked under this thing and still be warm!

Made in the good ol’ U.S. of A. by Silton of California, this item is in immaculate condition: the suede a rich, tawny gold—bright and warm like an autumn sunset; the sheep’s wool-fleece a soft, buttery ivory. This is the kind of rugged yet handsome coat that’ll have you wishing for winter just so that you can wrap yourself up in its toasty warmth!

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Mar 032012

If you love the British period-drama, Downton Abbey, as much as I do, you’ll love these Edwardian-era cotton handkerchiefs. These items are lady’s finery at its best: incredibly detailed, elegant patterns in handmade lacework of exquisite beauty. Every proper lady needs a proper hankie to “accidentally” drop in front of a potential suitor—or to weep into when he fails to notice the hint—the cad!

The perfect addition to complete your period costume . . .

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Jan 142012

A very cool, very vintage sweater perfect for spring or autumn. Stylish dusky olive wool with grey flecks; cuffs and hem have skinny, gold and tan racing stripes. Label is Pebble Beach of California / 42 / 75% lambswool – 25% mohair / Manufactured for Budd and Votaw. Budd and Votaw was a San Francisco, Bay Area clothier.

Classic California cool worthy of any Hollywood Star!

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