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October 28, 1893. A clean, crisp autumn day. Cocksure young bucks take to the track for the 880 Yards Run . . .  A pistol crack, and they’re off! It’s Yale against Harvard against all the other Ivy League schools, and it’s neck and neck to the finish, one break’s from the pack, and the trophy goes to Yale!

Awarded by the Yale Athletic Association to Samuel Scoville (grandnephew of Harriet Beecher Stowe, celebrated author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin), first prize is this fabulous silver-plated loving cup — so-called because the two handles allow lovers to pass it back and forth to each other — but toady it’s just the lads, best friends raise a toast together after the race.

Beautifully designed by renown silversmiths Wilcox Co. of Meriden, Connecticut, this trophy is absolutely magnificent: a great bit of collegiate history, and a fine addition to any collection of sports memorabilia!

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