Jan 262016


This object is an ancient kantharos, a two-handled wine cup of Etruscan origin, originally used in Dionysian celebrations and funerary rites; it dates from 625 to 550 BCE. It matches the “Rasmussen Type 3e” as described in the definitive text, “Bucchero Pottery from Southern Etruria“ (Cambridge University Press, 1979) by Tom B. Rasmussen; it also compares favorably with other kantharoi held in the collection of the British Museum, London.

The kantharos measures approximately 8” in width, 6” in height, and 5” in diameter. Considering its great age, overall condition is excellent: beyond one significant chip at the inner rim, and one much smaller opposite, this object is essentially unbroken and without repairs or restorations. Amazingly, the handles are completely intact, and the foot undamaged. This exquisite object presents and displays beautifully, and would look absolutely magnificent in any mid-century modern decor, or collection of antiquities and classical artworks.

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