Nov 202012

And now for a figure of a completely different sort… Up from the fathomless depths comes a deep sea diver brandishing his dagger: a wonderful representation of pure adventure from a time when men were men and fish were kept in aquariums! I’ll bet you can almost see the stream of bubbles that once emerged from the top of this little lead sculpture… Surprisingly, perhaps amazingly, old fish tank decorations like this one are now quite collectible. Little boys, once raised on Disney’s version of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, are now grown, yet in in their heart of hearts they still nurture aspirations of aquatic adventure: the long scraping sound of the brass helmet being screwed shut, the endless echo of hollow, tin-can breathing alternating with the squelchy gurgling of bubbles rushing up toward the sunlight, and all the senses always alert for sharks…and that ultimate menacing mystery of the deep: the giant squid!

Every man has an affinity for the timeless theme of Man vs. Nature, and this simple but saturnine figurine represents exactly that: the very struggle for survival. No fish tank  is complete without one!

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