Dec 182012

Cheeky monkey! Just in time for Christmas, the story of a sad simian: a primate without a playmate . . .

Let me introduce you to Jocko the chimpanzee; he’s made by the granddaddy of fine plush toys, Steiff of Germany, creators of the very first teddy bear. Jocko was first introduced over a hundred years ago in 1909, and he’s been a popular favorite with children (and some adults) ever since. And it’s no surprise! He’s eminently adorable with his sparkling glass eyes and finely-detailed felt features that give him such unique character and charm!

This chimp certainly has a cheeky grin, but it’s a wee bit melancholy, too; that’s because he’s not had anyone to play with for a very long time, indeed. The trademark Steiff button in his ear tells us that his first birthday was in the early 1950s; however he’s as bright and shiny as the day he was born; his genuine mohair fur still lustrous, soft and curly. Yet, sadly, it seems that he’s been sitting on a shelf all his life, just waiting for someone to play with . . .

But we’re both hoping for a happy ending to this “lonely hearts” story! I know that Jocko’s ready for a new playmate to have all kinds of adventures, to give and receive affection, and to share in a lifetime of fun and friendship! (After all, isn’t that what that’s what we all desire?)

status: sold

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