Jan 192013

There are two items that define and complete a gentleman’s attire: a fashionable hat and a dashing cane. Once upon a time a man would never leave home without them; nowadays they are, unfortunately, considered more costume pieces than daily necessities, and our sartorial world is much diminished by their absence.

But there is a small segment of society, a growing population of youthful hipsters—neo-gents—often tweed-clad and mustachioed, who are bringing new appreciation to such traditions. For them, this handsome item is just the ticket: an antique hobo’s walking stick. This cane, expertly handcrafted from a beautiful, amber hardwood (yet left rustic and knobby) will put the shabby in your chic, and dignity in your stride; it’s the perfect accoutrement for the wandering wabi-sabi warrior, a gentleman explorer ready to face the world with a rakish tilt to his hat and a twinkle in his eye.

No true and nobel gentleman should be without one . . .

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