Jan 292013

I think every man goes through a phase when they experience an almost primal desire to own a genuine leather bomber jacket. I blame Indiana Jones; who of my generation can forget the iconic hat, whip and especially the coat of that most unusual of American heroes: the ultimate intellectual adventurer? For others, it might’ve been number of the many war movies that populated Hollywood in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s… A good friend of mine sights 12 O’Clock High with Gregory Peck as his leather lodestone.

If you, too, have a lust for leather, you can’t go wrong with this classic coat by Avirex. Inspired by the ones worn by the brave bomber pilots of World War II, this garment is rich in quality details; some of my favorites: the rugged yet utterly luxurious, dark-chocolate lambskin leather; thick, cozy elasticated cuffs to keep out the cold; handy epaulettes to tuck your hat and gloves into; and a fleet of nostalgic patches and embroidery-work lining the silky interior…

Just wearing this boosts your bravery: it lifts your sprits and brighten your skies. As they used to say in the War, “Keep ‘em flying!”


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