Apr 212012

A crucial bit of kit for the Edwardian lady, the chatelaine was the Swiss Army knife of its day: a collection of everyday tools that could be pined to a woman’s garments, long before clothing had pockets; ever ready, always useful. No lady was without one.

This particular sterling silver chatelaine was intended to be more of decorative object than utilitarian; one appropriate for Sunday church rather than work-a-day Monday through Friday. The charms assembled here dangle from a lovely repousse brooch-clip, and include a crown medallion (to honour the King), a holy crucifix (to honour the Church), and vinaigrette (to revive oneself during particularly tedious sermons!). Both the vial and brooch are stamped “STERLING” (indicating this piece is of American origin, as opposed to the British; English sterling is almost always indicated by the lion passant hallmark), and the pin on the broach is made in the classic Edwardian style with a simple C-hook closure.

A wonderful piece of historic jewelry that will make an an excellent addition to any collection!


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