Aug 222013

Jens Quistgaard must have loved pepper. This is evident by the fact that he designed dozens of completely unique pepper-mills (some that even incorporated salt-shakers) for Dansk of Denmark; each one a work of art, each a mini-monument of culinary architecture. Here is his “phillips screwdriver” design, so-called for the bold cross-knob on top.

Recently, through research and experimentation, I’ve developed an amazing, all-natural method to restore and beautify any and all wooden kitchen items; one that’s perfect for cutting the grease and grime of decades, eliminating bacteria, and returning warmth and glow to the woodgrain. The trick is simple, yet counter-intuitive: fine-grade steel-wool and lemon juice. No soap, no sanding, just good old fashioned elbow-grease and the miraculous properties of citrus. Don’t be afraid to rinse the wood thoroughly after a thorough buffing with lemon juice―but be sure to pat-dry immediately; then, after the wood is completely air-dry, polish with pure food-grade mineral oil. Nothing else cleans as safely or brings out the glow and luster as wonderfully. Works a treat on salad bowls, too!

It seems a shame to me that our modern world, despite its many advances, completely fails to produce anything as simply elegant as that executed by Jens more than half a century ago . . .  But that’s just one of the many reasons that makes collecting genuine Danish Modern designs so satisfying and enjoyable!

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