Oct 282013


After a long day of photographing the stoic splendors of the Yosemite Valley, Ansel Adams would have, without doubt, repaired to the comparative comfort of his rustic cabin and the inner-sanctum of his den and desk to make notes about his day’s work—and an inkwell precisely like this would have looked right at home there amongst the tidy jumble of pinecones, books and proofs!

Now beautifully patinated, this lovely little box is elegantly fashioned from rolled and riveted copper, overlaid with genuine sterling silver in true Arts & Crafts style. Inside sits the original glass inkwell, blue-black with a century of history and ink residue… Although the piece has no maker’s mark, it’s almost certainly designed by the famous Art Craft Shop of Buffalo, NY.; it perfectly matches, in both shape and form, those produced in the early 1900s.

So lyrical and lovely, it makes one long for the pre-digital days of fountain pens and the long-lost art of writing proper, pen-to-paper letters!


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