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The Los Angles Biltmore Hotel in downtown LA was opened in 1923, and it quickly became the meeting place for Hollywood’s elite―so much so that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences was actually founded just a few years later at a luncheon in the hotel’s Crystal Ballroom!

Of course, the hotel’s rich opulent style was the key to its charm and success, and this Gorham silver-plate creamer dating from 1924 (just one year after the Biltmore’s grand opening) is a wonderful example. The silver now tarnished black and its regal body battered, its patina speaks of decades of sterling service. This unassuming little object has felt the hands of countless beautiful starlets and handsome leading-men―and has probably overheard some of the juiciest gossip ever uttered! In fact, this creamer may even have been the one that tumbled to the floor when, in that legendary first meeting of the Academy, MGM’s art-director, Cedric Gibbons reached for Louis B. Mayer’s linen napkin to sketch on it the preliminary design for the now-famous Oscar statue!

Classic Hollywood Regency style steeped in Silver Screen history!


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